Tracy Eugene

Tracy Eugene

I just got my car back today. I have to start off by saying this Melvin is a good person. I had a lot of downs with him and he knows that. Cathy is a good hearted person as well. Now on the other hand I know I have to get my car to adjust to how I drive, So I hope once my car adjust to know I drive the jerking will stop. If not I will be back again. They had my car for 2 weeks, I came to Cathy and I express my feelings on how I felt about the whole thing that transpired. And she told me that she was sorry for all that happen and the whole miscommunication on they part. I had to call Melvin at least 8 times for updates on my car. But if my truck keeps jerking then I will be back. I paid a lot of money between my rental and transmission. Will keep you updated as the weeks go by. P.s I was also told some things about my truck that I did not know.

Response from Cathy @ Transmission King…Dear Tracy. Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion about Transmission King. I hope you will give us a 5 star rating in a couple of weeks when you come back to see us. I EMPHASIZE AGAIN. Your vehicle will not work correctly UNTIL you visit a certified auto repair shop to attend to your electrical and engine problems. We have configured and re calibrated your computer but it is not engaging due to these issues. Please attend to this matter ASAP because it will damage your brand new transmission. You have/own a “REBUILT TITLE.”, which means your vehicle was “TOTALLY DESTROYED “. We are here to assist you in any way you wish.




November 2022