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Clutch Assembly

Clutch Assembly

You fear your standard transmission is ruined, but it could be the clutch.

With proper, gentle care your clutch can last about 80,000 miles, but maintenance is important to the health of your clutch. Some problems that may be clutch related are:
  • Broken or stretched clutch cable
  • Leaky or defect slave and/or master clutch cylinders
  • Misadjusted linkage
If your clutch is hard to press or you are slipping the clutch a lot, you will wear out your clutch must faster. Transmission King in Plantation, Florida has expert certified transmission mechanics who are experts in clutch assemblies related to wear out in:
  • Two and four-wheel drive
  • Cars and trucks
  • Both American and foreign vehicles

At Transmission King Florida our quality is guaranteed because we provide warranty on all of our work.

We offer a FREE road test and FREE electronic diagnostic checks. South Florida residents know they can call Transmission King with confidence when they want high quality affordable transmission repair.