Sheldon Young

Sheldon Young

I have an ’02 Rodeo that needed a new transmission. I had Transmission King put in a rebuilt transmission a few years back and it was running great. Recently I was having a loss of power coming out of first gear and I knew it there was something wrong. I took it Bob’s Auto since it was close to me and they told me the obvious – transmission. So I took it back to Transmission King to have them take a look since they put in the rebuilt for me. I walked in, manager shook my hand, I explained the problem, and he said he would take care of me. He took the car out for a road test and he said he wanted to check the fluids first, he was being conservative. I left the car with him and he called me back in a few hours saying the fluids looked clean. He wanted my permission to drop the case to take a look inside the transmission and he would call me with his findings. Time went on and he called again and said it all looked ok inside and he THINKS its a solenoid and valve that went bad. He told me he’s not sure but he thinks that what it is. He told me over the phone that if he installs a new one and its DOESNT WORK – no charge for everything. We discussed the cost of it all if it did work and I agreed to the job. He called me back later that day and said my car was ready to go – FIXED. The manager also called a few days later to follow up and make sure everything was working ok. I won’t take my car anywhere else…




November 2022