Mike G.

Mike G.

This place is great! So super helpful and 100% honest. I have a 2002 Ford Escape that stared acting up pretty bad after driving in a rain storm. I took it to my Local mechanic and they basically turned me away! See my Escape has 236,000 miles on it, servicing the transmission with a flush would basically kill it. I was told I probably need a whole new transmission which would run about $1200 to $1600 for my car. Considering the years and the mileage I’d basically have to scrap my yellow baby. Not good. Not really in the place to start making car payments ether. Even worse! Hoping that I could find some expert help that would be able at least give me an alternative to getting a new transmission or getting rid of my car altogether, I left a message on the Transmission King website on Sunday morning expecting not to get a call back on it until Monday at the earliest. I got a call back late that afternoon from Melvin, super friendly guy, no nonsense kind of dude. We discuss my issues with my car, my reverse was basically gone or intermittent and going forward she just wasn’t shifting properly at all. Melvin figured that it’s probably just a part that’s gone bad it needs to be replaced you probably won’t need to replace the whole transmission but we need to get it to the shop to check it out.  He had a space for me Monday morning, turned out it was just the neutral safety switch or pringle switch. Once it was replaced my Escape was back to her old self!!! Saved me a ton and I don’t have to sell my escape for parts!! Thanks so much for being honest and awesome!




November 2022