Betty Springer

Betty Springer

If you have a transmission Problem. Mr. Bob Here at Transmission King will Solve it!!! Look no more. What a great experience to a Horrible problem. I bought a used car, paid cash. I drove it home on a Friday night and the transmission went the next day? I called the dealer, who said not to worry they would take care of it? The cars RPM’s where at 4-5 while doing 40-45 miles an hour. The dealer told me that was normal?? I may be blonde, but I ain’t stupid! I told him, I actually sold Auto Parts for 12 years. Which a bulk of them where transmission. I know when a transmission is not shifting! He just tried to make me believe that’s the way the car ran. I took the car back to the dealer and they drove it and claimed, nothing was wrong with the transmission? It was perfect, he said? So I took the car to transmission king. He checked the car without charging to diagnose the problem. The transmission was shot. WOW. was I surprised!! Bob, actually called the dealer for me and told him what he thought he did to me. The dealer gave me a 3 month warranty that the warranty co, denied my claim. They are saying the dealer had to know the car was like that when I bought it. So Bob tried his best to not only call the dealer but the warranty co as well, to get me help. Although we did not get anywhere, I will have to take the lying …. To court. to get my money back. Bob, went out of his way to call the dealer the warranty co. and call me throughout his busy days. This went on for a week. To update me on what both the dealer and the warranty co where doing. In the end. My car is fixed and I am grateful for the Kindness from a repair shop, I thought has been lost in time? Thank you to Bob and the staff for all your help and for Caring!!! Although the car didn’t drive like that when I test drove it. nor when I drove it home.




November 2022