How much should I expect to pay for transmission repair?

The cost of the transmission repair is based on the car year/model and the damage that vehicle has incurred. An honest company will use new parts to rebuild and repair the damage. For any given car the cost could be anywhere from $900.00 to $4,000.00 or even more. Our prices are rock bottom. Any of our competitors bidding lower prices, are using USED PARTS for transmission repairs and in a very short period of time the vehicle will be returned.

We provide FREE electronic diagnostics and FREE towing with transmission repair. Financing is available with approved credit and insurance is accepted.

How long will I be without a car for transmission repair?
After receiving your approval for transmission repair, your vehicle could be ready in 48 hours or less. This assumes that there are no additional problems found which have nothing to do with the transmission repair but affect the performance of the transmission.
How do I know if my vehicle has a transmission-related problem?

If you think your vehicle has a transmission problem, an ASE-certified technician must check your vehicle. Transmission King has only ASE-certified transmission technicians on staff.

Our performance check helps determine if you have a transmission problem, and if so, whether the problem is external or if a transmission overhaul will be required.

This check includes:

  • Fluid Check
  • Check of all External Adjustments
  • Stationary Engagement Check
  • Road Test
  • Abnormal Noise Check
  • Leak Check
  • Pan Examination
  • Check of Engine
  • Performance

If transmission repairs are necessary, you can feel confident that technicians will perform the work necessary to get you back on the road quickly.

When should I be given a quote for any required transmission-related service?
At Transmission King, a price quote is always provided prior to service authorization. We want you to feel confident that you are getting the highest quality of work at a fair price. What some of our competitors do that we do not, is provide $200 discount coupons to get your business. Our customers are smart enough to know that if it sounds too good to be true. It probably is! Don’t be fooled by these supposed discounts. We do business the old fashioned way…with integrity. We give the best possible quotes and prices to all of our customers.
Is there a charge to find out what is wrong and how much the service will cost?
At Transmission King, there is NEVER a charge for a performance check service, which is how we determine what, if any, service is required on your vehicle.
What should I expect when coming to Transmission King?

At Transmission King, we pride ourselves on our plain speaking communication. We know our customers are not experts in transmission repair, but we are. We will walk you through the process to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with any repairs your vehicle requires.

When you first call Transmission King, the service advisor will explain a performance check is required, and that it will be completed at no charge to you.

Once you arrive at the center, a repair order is generated. This order includes information necessary for communication throughout every phase of the service provided.

On completion of the performance check, all required service will be identified and documented. The service advisor will call you with a full report of all performance check findings. He will recommend any required transmission service, and will provide a price quote at that time, as well as a time frame in which the service should be completed.

As soon as the required service is complete, a service advisor will call you.

Can you accept a competitor’s coupon?
Here is our 'unbelievable' coupon offer. We hope you find it as funny as we do.
Is there a warranty?
Our service warranty is stated on the repair order, and a copy is provided as a receipt to you.

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